Le 104, a new federating space
for the Provalliance Group

The Provalliance Group, the French leader in hair and beauty, has just moved to 104 avenue Charles de Gaulle in Neuilly sur Seine.

A new address for the 200 employees of the group's headquarters to support the growth of their iconic brands (Franck Provost, Jean Louis David, Saint Algue, Maniatis Paris, etc.).

(c) Thibaud Poirier for Parella

In search of a place to advance the world of hairdressing

At the beginning of 2022, Provalliance decided to group together all its brands and head office functions, which were previously located on two sites, in a single location in order to embody the group's image and ambitions, to accommodate its growth, and to encourage meetings and exchanges between employees.

The Group chose Parella to accompany it in its real estate search and then in the design and construction of this new headquarters.

A 3,800 m2 setting on 5 levels, extended by a large open-air terrace, will be chosen. Numerous services, such as mutual meeting rooms and a restaurant, are in keeping with the codes of luxury and the hotel industry.

Parella's Real Estate Services team also assisted the Provalliance Group in the liberation of their former premises and in the search for and transaction of coworking spaces to temporarily house the teams of one of the two liberated sites, while they settled in.

Spaces designed to promote synergies

The Provalliance Group is pooling the support functions it offers to its brands. The objective of the grouping is to encourage inter-functional exchanges, and the workspaces have been designed with this in mind.

Multi-brand departmental platforms are the anchor for the various business areas of expertise. Conviviality areas, meeting rooms and tea rooms on each floor contribute to informal exchanges between employees.

A place of training and creation, 104 is also a privileged environment for hosting and sharing cutting-edge and innovative know-how with all the group's salons.

(c) Thibaud Poirier for Parella

Passing on passion and know-how

Parella was inspired by the codes of luxury and the hotel industry to offer refined spaces that remain easy to live in. They echo the group's iconic hairstyles and hairdressing know-how. Thus, the architectural volumes and materials chosen evoke hairdressing techniques, in particular through :

  • Waves: the spaces all in wood and curves reminiscent of hair waves, create volume and bring a bright and timeless contrast. Blondes and browns come in all shapes and forms, smooth, natural, layered.
  • The gradient: the carpet takes up the techniques of coloring the gradients like the sweeps that make the success of the group.
  • Tie & Dye: each floor has its own identifying color. The first floor is a light blond that darkens with each floor, to a dark brown on the 5th floor.

A custom design was carried out to embody the identity of the Provalliance Group (signage, window dressing, etc.) with artists.

The demonstration areas, showcasing the group's products and know-how, are lined with glass windows that open onto the collaborative areas, allowing everyone to enjoy them.

A key day to bring teams together

To make this move a company event, Parella helped Provalliance organize two discovery days. The first was reserved for the management committee and the CSE and the second for all employees.

The teams arrived in waves during the morning, with moments of conviviality throughout the day to initiate exchanges and synergies: breakfast, presentation speech, visit, inauguration cocktail. A photographer immortalized these moments of sharing, marking the beginning of a new adventure for Provalliance. Photos of the teams that will personalize their dedicated spaces.

(c) Thibaud Poirier for Parella

Before the visit of the site guided by the managers, each employee discovered on his workstation, a welcome pack: notebook, pen, mug, accompanied by small cakes and tea bags "Welcome to 104".

To facilitate the appropriation of the spaces and environment of 104 during the first days, a detailed welcome booklet (maps, operating rules, services, good addresses...) was given to each employee.

And to mark the spirits and make this day a beautiful event, a pleasant and responsible decoration was imagined with Aude, floral decorator of Herbe pas si folle. Everything was thought out so that the common and exchange spaces would be dressed and decorated, during the first days, by her floral compositions.

This day allowed the initiation of the first synergies that will allow the 200 employees of the head office functions to create the future of the hairdressing universe.

We wish them a great collective adventure at 104.

(c) Thibaud Poirier for Parella

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