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For more than 14 years, Parella Valuation has been performing real estate appraisals with independence, confidentiality, and professionalism, thus guaranteeing the absence of conflicts of interest.

We work with private clients, from small and medium-sized companies to large international groups. We also collaborate with public sector players throughout France.

The assets evaluated

Real estate expertise Logistics activity

Logistics activities

Real estate expertise Offices


Real estate expertise Ehpad RSS

Ehpad - Health

Real estate expertise Homes


Real estate expertise Hotels


Real estate expertise Prestige real estate

Prestige Real Estate

Commercial Premises

Real estate expertise Building land

Building lots

Our versatility leads us to carry out complex real estate appraisals on unique assets.
Therefore, we also intervene on singular properties, such as :

  • Managed residences for inclusive living
  • Medical and educational clinics, multidisciplinary health centres
  • Hotel residences used as vacation centers
  • Redevelopment of land through mixed-use programs including, for example, educational facilities, student residences, shared parking facilities and residences for the aging disabled
Real estate expertise for student residences

A personalized accompaniment

Because of its unique positioning on the market, Parella Valuation assists its clients by carrying out tailor-made real estate evaluations in order to best meet their needs.

Our firm advises you and produces personalized real estate expertise reports, in order to solve various problems:

  • Transfer of assets (tax declaration)
  • Fixing or renegotiating the rent
  • Regulatory (obligation imposed on insurance companies, SCPI, OPCI, etc.)
  • Eviction or expropriation procedure

Our real estate expertise missions

Certificate or real estate appraisal report to determine:

  • Market or renewal rental value
  • The market value of a real estate asset (whether it is vacant, occupied
    as is or in future condition, value as new)
  • The value of leasehold rights and goodwill
  • The amount of an eviction or expropriation indemnity
  • The development of sites in cessation of activity or in reconversion (industrial wasteland, residual land, land charges...)
    by determining an optimal exit value according to the urban planning regulations and the possible destinations/assignments.

A team of multidisciplinary experts

Our team, composed of experts certified REV (Recognised European Valuer) and IFEI (Institut Français de l'Expertise Immobilière), intervenes on the whole territory by valuing all types of assets.

Christelle Nicolle

Director Parella Valuation

Master's Degree in Audit and Consulting - ESPI

M1 in Private Law University of Paris Nanterre

Full member of IFEI

REV by TEGoVA certified

Jérémie Guizol

Valuation Senior Expert

Master 2 SKEMA Business School

IFEI auditor member

Mattis Petrowick

Valuation Senior Expert

Master's Degree in Audit and Consulting - ESPI

Law degree - Paris II Assas

IFEI auditor member

REV by TEGoVA certified

Johanna Jaoui

Valuation Senior Expert

Master's Degree in Audit and Consulting - ESPI

Bachelor in Real Estate Management ESPI

Full member IFEI

REV by TEGoVA certified

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