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The impact of the crisis on the organisation of companies and the property market

Clearly, the economic and health crisis is reshaping management models and forcing a rethink of the office space and working environment:

  • a teleworking rate that is tending to become more widespread at about 2.2 days* per week,
  • accelerated deployment of the flex office (38% have already implemented it in 2020, i.e. 15% increase in one year),
  • more than 76%* of companies are considering reducing their surface area in the short or medium term and wish to optimise their real estate by acting on both the surface area occupied and on their rental costs.

This crisis has also accelerated and accentuated the change in the office property market cycle. In 2020 :

  • take-up fell by 45% compared to 2019**, the lowest volume of transactions seen in 20 years,
  • the number of rental transactions of more than 5,000 m² has been divided by 3 compared to the annual average of recent years,
  • while the available supply increased strongly, +36% in one year**.

The balance of power between tenant and landlord has clearly shifted! And in certain real estate sub-markets where the vacancy rate continues to soar, tenants can seize tremendous negotiation opportunities. This turnaround in the real estate market offers companies a favourable context for (re)negotiating their leases, optimising their costs and adapting to new working methods.

Save money, rethink your organisation, (re)design your workspace...

We advise and support you in challenging your real estate strategy in line with your (new) needs:

  • Renegotiate your lease with a view to the next deadline or in advance
  • Resize your rentalspaces (restitution of surface, classic lease, flexible leases, sub-letting, coworking centre, ...)
  • Relocate (search for smaller but central areas or relocation to less expensive neighbouring markets, etc.)
  • Renegotiating your lease vs. moving, which scenario is better?
  • Streamline your property portfolio
  • Study the implementation of the flex office and measure the impact of a hybrid model (head office-telework-workspace) for the layout of your offices (how to choose the right ratio of workstations/persons, which layout charter to use, etc.)
  • Implementing new ways of working
  •  ...

Let's talk together about approaches and levers to implement.

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*Source: Parella annual barometer "Evolution of the modes of accommodation and work" in 2020
**Source: ImmoStat Q4 2020

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