Real estate strategy and research

Challenge your real estate commitments in line with your needs and your business strategy

Your real estate choices are closely linked to your company's strategy, outlook and context. They will have an impact for several years on the working environment, costs, performance, image and attractiveness of your organisation.
Our teams of experts will work with you to analyse and evaluate your company's real estate situation and compare the scenarios envisaged.
We provide you with a global vision of your real estate in terms of legal, technical, financial, space, HR and communication aspects.
Our analyses guarantee you a real estate strategy that reflects your company's project.

Real estate strategy assignments

  • Audit of the existing system
  • Modelling and business plan
  • Feasibility and opportunity studies
  • Workplace strategy
  • Real estate master plan

Search for premises, transactions and lease negotiations

The post-Covid-19 crisis office property market is now entering a new cycle characterised by a sharp fall in take-up, an increase in available supply and, consequently, a modified tenant/landlord balance of power. The context offers real negotiation opportunities to be seized.

Succeed in your real estate transactions, whether rented or owned

Real estate research, lease renegotiation or negotiation, real estate transaction set-up, comparison of premises, competition with landlords, etc., we advise you on renegotiating your rental conditions, resizing your surface areas and/or your real estate location. Whatever the complexity and size of your transactional project, you will benefit from the support of an advisor who is entirely dedicated to defending the interests of Users and is completely independent of Property Owners/Investors.

Our independence gives us greater negotiating power and the firm is exclusively remunerated by its user client. As proof of our commitment, our fees are directly indexed to the gain generated in the negotiation. A win-win model for guaranteed success.

Our missions in " Search for premises - Transaction - Lease negotiation ".

  • Lease negotiation / Lease renegotiation
  • Reduction of rental space(return of space, subletting, etc.)
  • Lease termination / Lease exit
  • Search for premises to buy or rent, BEFA, VEFA, CPI...
  • Transfer
  • Sale&Lease back
  • Setting up real estate operations