Maison Unyck, a new home for top executives.

A few weeks ago, Maison Unyck opened its doors on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré to welcome its community of leaders.

On the 8th floor, with views over the rooftops of Paris, these spaces invite you to let go and get inspired.

Living spaces imagined, designed and built by Parella to embody Unyck's promise: "Managers, never alone again".

Thibaud Poirier for Parella - Maison Unyck

More than Advisors

When you walk through the doors of Maison Unyck, you might think you're in an apartment. Yet this is where the most beautiful transformations take place. Because Unyck is not a traditional consulting firm, the company wanted to mark this break with the past in its premises.

To create an environment conducive to conversation and confidence, the layout has been designed to make customers feel right at home.

To achieve this, Maison Unyck has adopted the codes of "home from home". No offices as we know them, but an apartment rich in warm, antique objects.
A dining table where you can discuss the most strategic issues over tea, a library where everyone can help themselves, becoming an active part of the place... Proximity is the watchword. Customers feel at home at Unyck.

Every space designed to bring this community to life

"Never alone again"... beyond the day-to-day running of the community, this new space is a place for expression and emulation. Open, friendly, relational and colorful, it enables managers to meet up, express themselves and evolve.

3 spaces have been designed according to :

  • A central living space where executive committees can meet for coffee or lunch, just like in a living room. A place where everyone can come to work and meet other executives. Bookcase, buffet, dining table, rug, mirror, travel hats, candles, tableware and plants set the tone for a hybrid space designed to inspire and adapt.

Thibaud Poirier for Parella - Maison Unyck


Passing offices have been designed to enable managers to come and work in a different environment during a break between customer meetings. An open space with no dividers or partitions to encourage exchanges.

  • A 10-person meeting room to address training issues.
    Around a beautiful wooden table, teams discover new horizons. Carefully selected ergonomic chairs are designed to ensure comfortable, long-lasting seating.
  • A bubble for one-on-one coaching and confidences.
    Its secluded position protects you from prying eyes. Two comfortable armchairs face each other. Genuine attention has been paid to comfort and acoustics, so that everyone can express themselves in complete confidence.

Thibaud Poirier for Parella - Maison Unyck

The Parella team worked with Unyck to design the spaces that best met the ambitions and uses. Technical assistance was also provided.

Inspiring personalization

Creating the right conditions for successful support requires a place where change can take place. The Maison Unyck was designed with this in mind.

  • Touches of gold and azure are arranged in the space like a breadcrumb trail of customer problems.
  • The warm atmosphere is reminiscent of Morocco, a nod to the agency's long-standing customer. Everything invites customers to take a seat.
  • The furniture is made up of antique and vintage objects. The choice ofre-usereflects the evolution and permanence of certain ideas.
  • The regressive invites itself in, to create an ideal setting for creativity.
  • When it comes to services, everything is designed to ensure the comfort of visitors.

Thibaud Poirier for Parella - Maison Unyck

So many thoughtful and coherent choices to create future pleasure, encourage bonding and allow ourselves to think about other ways of doing things.

A place that generates emotions, like their main convictions...