Telecommuting, flex office, desk sharing... The new ways of working and the new aspirations of employees are reshuffling the deck in corporate real estate, accelerating the need to transform so-called "traditional" workspaces into more agile and connected environments.

  • But how can we best optimise this transition to more user-friendly and efficient spaces?
  • How to engage and support employees in the adoption of these new work modes and spaces?
  • How can we reinvent real estate in this new context?

Reaffirm the role and purpose of your head office

81%* of companies believe that their head office needs to be re-enchanted.

Your company'sreal estate is a powerful lever for support and transformation. This is the conviction of Parella's People & Transformation team, which supports you in defining your ambitions in terms of working methods and the associated challenges in terms of transformation, and in helping you to create working environments that reinforce your attractiveness, embody your values and your DNA, and promote the performance of your teams.

The transformation of your working environment must be part of a global change management strategy and integrate all stakeholders, so that corporate real estate is a lever for sustainable performance.

Rethink usage and the employee experience

In a world of constant change, where teleworking, flex-office and nomadism have been made possible by the acceleration of digital transformation, employees are now seeking flexibility, autonomy and well-being.

Your working patterns and employee expectations are changing, your organisation is changing, redefining the role, uses, layout and size of your offices. In 2020, 79%* of companies have implemented a telework policy with 2 to 3 days teleworked per week (vs. 59% with 1 day teleworked in 2019). In an increasingly complex environment where the dynamics of change are continuous - the health crisis has only accelerated these pre-existing trends - the transformation of working environments is inevitable, even desirable.

In the "phygital" era, we must ensure a continuum in the experience and reinvent the workplace with a dual requirement: that of performance (financial, usage) - both in person and remotely - while at the same time engaging, attracting and inspiring the women and men who make up your teams. Because a successful corporate real estate project is above all a project that resembles you and that brings people together. Our objective is to make your work environment a lever for the commitment of your employees.

Are your current working arrangements the best to serve your ambitions? How can teleworking transform your corporate real estate in the medium to long term? How can you reinvent your real estate performance in this new context? We help you in your reflections on the transformation of your organisation and we advise you throughout your project, from the framing of your real estate project to the definition and implementation of your working methods, including the implementation of support plans that promote appropriation.

How we support you

Strategic advice / framing of your real estate project

  • FRAMEWORK: define a common vision of all COMEX/CODIR members on the challenges and objectives of transformation
  • LEARNING EXPEDITION: visiting inspiring workspaces on various criteria (working environments, services, digital, etc.)

Definition and implementation of your future working methods

  • USAGE STUDY: analysis of your practices (time spent outside the building, time spent in meetings, need for collaboration, project mode, teleworking, etc.)
  • INSPIRATION: exchange of successful experiences in implementing new ways of working

Co-construction of your future spaces

  • PROGRAMMING: definition of the real estate and architectural transformation programme
  • CO-CONCEPTION: deploy a series of co-design workshops (uses, macro-zoning, decorative atmosphere, user pathways, etc.)
  • IMMERSION: discover and co-construct spaces through virtual reality, 3D plans, immersive visits

Change management

  • MANAGERIAL COACHING: on managerial posture, new working methods and communication with the team
  • UX SUPPORT: definition of employee and visitor paths
  • EMPLOYEE SUPPORT: definition of the principles of common life, online survey to identify the main expectations of employees
    • MANAGERS: managing in open and dynamic spaces; remote management
    • COLLABORATORS: collaborating in open and dynamic spaces, collaborating remotely
  • 100 days: feedback surveys, post-transformation assessment


  • COMMUNICATION PLAN: defining a specific plan adapted to the company's internal communication strategy
  • INFORMATION: getting employees to adhere, reassuring them
  • VISITS : showroom, mock-up, works

Parella Academy: a rich catalog of training courses

Some of our services are training modules. They can be financed from your training budget.

The budget dedicated to a real estate project is often limited. Unfortunately, the accompaniment aspect often suffers.

Parella created the Parella Academy to address this problem.

Rather than giving up on coaching your teams because of a limited budget, you can now finance it from your training budget.

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Example of People & Transformation assignments

  • Management of strategic transformation projects with a strong real estate focus
  • Carrying out a Transformation Intensity Diagnosis
  • Definition of a common vision of all COMEX/CODIR members on the challenges and objectives of transformation
  • Organisation of visits to inspiring workspaces on various criteria (working environments, services, digital, etc.)
  • Co-construction of the design of spaces
  • Analysis of the uses, practices and expectations of all populations
  • Animation of different populations via training, face-to-face or distance workshops
  • Setting up and deploying a support plan
  • Implementation of a communication plan and follow-up of actions
  • Support for the evolution of the managerial posture: manager coaching, co-development workshops
  • Accompanying employees in the appropriation of telework and the New Ways of Working
  • Assistance to social dialogue

* Parella 2020 Barometer "Changes in the way premises are arranged and new ways of working".