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Rethink your office layout

Rethink your workspaces to accelerate your transformation and optimise your performance

Putting people at the heart of the system makes it possible to make the work environment efficient, to create a place where people experience work differently and to adapt your spaces to your company's strategy.
With this in mind, our teams of consultants, engineers and architects provide you with a 360° view of your company and your managerial vision: its culture, its challenges and specificities in terms of business, technology, HR and social issues...

We carry out a truly participatory approach, a work of co-construction in the service of the transformation and performance of your company.

Discover our latest workplace strategy and workspace design projects

Workplace strategy assignments

  • Definition of the design concept
  • Drawing up of planning scenarios with integration of "Flex office" or "Co-working" spaces
  • Spatial translation: layout plan, technical plan
  • Definition of materials and furniture
  • 3D modelling


Transform and design your workspace into a place where people can share and enjoy life

Working methods are changing: increasingly connected, mobile, flexible, collaborative... The workspace is being transformed to meet new uses and new trends, but also to embody the company's strategy, values and organisation.
We rethink the workspace to make it a place of productivity, creativity, conviviality and sharing, in your image.

Our teams of consultants, architects, engineers, designers, ergonomists and furniture specialists will support you in the realisation of all your projects.
We bring you our added value as an assistant to the project owner, as a project manager or as a general contractor.

Discover our latest workspace design projects.

Workspace design assignments

  • Development of a planning charter
  • Architectural project and design
  • Development of new spaces:
    • Carrying out the work
    • Choice of furniture
    • Transfer of teams
    • After-sales service and perfect completion
  • Reorganisation of facilities on an occupied site
  • Restructuring of buildings
  • Consultation of companies

Diagnose your technical installations to assess strengths and weaknesses and plan your actions.
Audit the building to assess its value.

Our teams of engineers, consultants and architects analyse the strengths and weaknesses of buildings and their technical equipment throughout the life of the building.

These studies can help you to think about an occupied building or one that might be of interest to you. They can also provide important negotiating levers in the context of a lease renegotiation, a lease takeover, a negotiation for the return of premises or an acquisition.
Such studies are also used to draw up budgets and multi-year work plans for a site or a large number of buildings.

Audit missions of your installations

  • Audit of technical installations for all fluids: air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, network, CSSI
  • Audit of production systems: boiler room, cold production, steam production, AHU, etc.
  • Audit of the roofed area: facade, roofing, joinery, etc.
  • Audit of the finishing work and specific equipment: partitions, false ceilings, windows, lift, generator, etc.
  • Accessibility audit: PRM, ERP...
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