Top start for the 32nd edition
of the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles!

Excitement and emotion! Under a radiant sun, the starting gun was fired. In Monaco, among eight e-gazelles, then on the port of Nice alongside 190 female crews, Nathalie Gaudillot and Caroline Veltz, at the wheel of the e-Zoé "502" were widely encouraged by their families and the many spectators.

"You're pioneers!" one audience member shouted, impressed by these young women radiating energy.

(c) Sylvie Rudent

"In early 2022, we challenged ourselves. Course or no course?"

Caroline Veltz

These two 40 year old professionals, who have been friends for 16 years, were very reactive as the registration was almost closed. They embarked on the adventure and do not regret anything:

"Now we love it! By choosing the electric, we wish to respect the environment. We are part of a modern approach that goes with the flow of history. There will be no noise, just the squealing of the tires. We will have fun, dare with humor, dare with love! We already feel within the small group of e-gazelles a beautiful state of mind, beautiful values.

Nathalie Gaudillot

(c) Sylvie Rudent

Managing battery life doesn't seem to be a problem.

"We should not exceed 150 kilometers of autonomy, deviating from the trajectory to avoid areas of grass can quickly lengthen the stage," they continue in connivance. From Wednesday, we won't have our phones anymore, we will only be able to count on ourselves. We will be cut off from the world for ten days.

"This will be a unique opportunity to reflect on telecommuting without a connection. There is nothing like it to brainstorm, recharge, and be creative in a different environment."

Caroline Veltz

Notebook of the extreme nomadic worker

(c) Sylvie Rudent

A reflection carried out with their partner Parella at the dawn of hybrid work. "Telecommuting has become the norm over the past year. But is it possible to work everywhere? Throughout their adventures, the two pilots will keep a Notebook of the nomadic worker of the extreme which will be revealed on their return.

As you can see, the challenge of surpassing oneself will be present throughout the adventure.

See you on March 18 at the finish line!

Follow their adventures here!


Created by Maïenga Sports Events, the event brings together 380 women from around the world. The cars will leave by boat. Each crew will cross the Moroccan desert, from Tangier to Essaouira, doing as few kilometers as possible, with little speed, in the old way, without modern navigation means, with maps and compass. Three hundred organizers are present on the bivouac, they always know where the cars are. Every evening the logistics truck reloads the vehicles of the competitors.