We combine our expertise to help you anticipate your needs and your organization of tomorrow!

Real estate strategy and surveys

Challenge your real estate commitments in line with your needs and your business strategy

Your real estate choices are closely related to business strategy, outlook and context. These will have a long-term impact, over several years, on the work environment, costs, performance, image ….
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Transaction and negotiations

Succeed in your tenancy or buyer negotiations

Whatever the intricacy or the scale of your project, you will benefit from proven expertise and improved superior bargaining power.
Location research, project structuring, lease renegotiation ….
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Workplace strategy

Reconsider your workspace to drive change and enhance performance

Putting people first will make the work environment efficient and enable the creation of a place where work becomes a different experience and the adaptation of workspace to your business strategy …
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Space planning

Turn your workspace into a place for sharing and a pleasant work environment

Work processes are ever changing, and are more and more connected, nomadic, flexible, collaborative … the work place has to change to adapt to new practices, new trends but also to embody...
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Change Management

Build team spirit and reinforce a feeling of inclusiveness around a real estate project which is suited to your company

Communication and change management are key to a relocation project or to a reorganization of workspace …
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Technical audits

Analyze your technical facilities to assess strengths, weaknesses and to plan your actions.
Audit building to appraise value.

These surveys may give you food for thought on an occupied building or one which is liable to be of interest to you.
They may also provide you with significant leverage for negotiation…
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Appraise your sites, whether leased or owned, in order to optimize your portfolio and to create value

We provide standard assessments of assets, whether leased or owned, or far more intricate surveys with full analysis and assessments of different asset improvement scenarios …
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Portfolio and lease management

Optimize property management and reduce costs

If you want to focus on your core business and/or to outsource to a specialist all or part of the tasks relating to the management of your real estate portfolio …
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International global reach

Optimizing your real estate on an international scale

Whether you are managing a one-time project in a given country or whether you are designing and implementing a cross border rationalization approach to your business assets, we will provide you with operational and objective solutions …
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