Client Story | Real Estate Strategy and Workspace | Story #2

The project: analysing and defining the company's real estate and workspace strategies

An ageing head office and an approaching end of lease led Axens to call on Parella to carry out a strategic real estate and workspace review ahead of its next lease expiry.

The objective for the managers was toanticipate and adopt the best possible real estate scenario: either to remain on the current site under certain conditions or to choose another building.

Axens' challenges were to manage its planned growth (in the short, medium and long term), to remain a tenant and close to its parent company, to gain in flexibility, to encourage collaboration and fluidity of exchanges, and to modernise the head office so that it would be in keeping with the company's image.

The missions

Parella and Esquisse assisted Axens in the analysis, definition and implementation of

 Real estate strategy: "Stay or Move" study (Parella)

  • Audit of the existing system
  • Modelling and business plan
  • Feasibility and opportunity study
  • Master plan (multi-sites)
  • Lease renegotiation

 The workspace strategy: restructuring in an occupied environment (Parella-Esquisse)

  • Audit and programming
  • Pre-design and space planning
  • Design and production
  • General contractor

Our client : Axens

  • A French energy and petrochemicals company with a presence in 11 countries, it provides product and service technologies to these markets.
  • Head office in Rueil-Malmaison (92)
  • 17,000m² site - 1,100 workstations