Parella begins its international development

We are pleased to announce the acquisition of a majority stake in SOLVED, the Netherlands' leading player in real estate strategy and transaction, also turned 100% User.

"Aspart of our international deployment strategy, which aims to open up new opportunities for our customers and employees, we enthusiastically welcome the Dutch Solved teams to Parella," says Michel Jean, Parella's Managing Director.

The group thus formed has 120 employees and a turnover of almost 50 million euros.

Why this operation?

Since its creation in 2009, Parella has been helping companies of all sizes and in all sectors to deploy high-performance real estate strategies and inspiring and engaging working methods for their talents. To do this, Parella takes a global and objective view of its clients' challenges. It wishes to create a true European platform based on these founding principles, in order to provide its international clients with an equivalent range and quality of services in all the countries that will make it up.

"This acquisition allows us to connect to one of the leading countries in managerial innovation and workspace transformation. We have been working for years with Solved professionals who fully share our DNA , our ambitions and our conflict-free positioning. Solved supports renowned international clients and has significant development prospects in its domestic market," said Michael Kaplan, Olivier Neuman and Patrick Pelloquin, Partners at Parella.

"We have decided to join a group whose values and ambitious objectives we share. This transaction opens up prospects for expanding our areas of expertise and offers us the opportunity to attract new talent" , explain Oscar Swagerman, Erik Tijsma and Olivier van Gool, partners at Solved.

About Solved

For more than twelve years, Solved has been assisting Users in defining their real estate strategy, valuing assets, finding and negotiating premises, renegotiating leases, acquiring, selling or leasing back assets, and also in managing development projects.

Among the companies that have trusted them:

Arbo Unie, FNV, Heimstaden, Nederlandse Zorgautorieit, Neptune Energy, Subway, Amsterdam Capital Trading & Warner Bros.

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