Accompanying the transformation of work modes and spaces through games: 5 Parella consultants certified Workplace Game ©.

We are pleased to announce the certification of 5 "Certified Workplace Game © Facilitators" by the Center for People and Buildings (CfPB).

Workplace Game© is a game board developed by the Dutch independent research center CfPB to facilitate the appropriation of workspaces through exchange and discussion.
It is an effective way to make companies and their employees aware of the new ways of working and the behavior of employees in flexible/dynamic work environment concepts.

Our consultants are therefore ready to accompany companies in their transformation, at every stage of their project:

  • In the design phase of a new space, to identify the needs and wishes of employees, the differences inherent in the professions
  • Before the move to a new work environment, to help teams discover what will change and how it will affect their daily lives
  • In the feedback phase in a continuous improvement process
  • As an onboarding tool, to integrate new recruits and allow them to understand the internal workings

Congratulations to Diane Mendes, Floriane Giacometti, Julian Ferrasson, Julie-Maud Godard and Mariam Diop.

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