[White Paper] The future of work isn't all about telecommuting, say young people

4% is the proportion of young workers under 35 who see the office of the future in the Metaverse. The physical workspace still has a bright future ahead of it.

Yes, young people are still attached to the office; in fact, 75% of them like to go there. Like their elders, it's the presence of their colleagues that motivates them, but also the atmosphere, comfort and ability to concentrate.

But beware, this does not mean that their return to the office is a given, far from it. They clearly express their expectations, and they are high!

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Spaces, services, accessibility: find out how young employees perceive their workspaces today and their vision of tomorrow's office in this white paper produced with myRHline.

Discover the results of the CSA Research and Parella barometer, based on the unpublished testimonies of :

  • Manuelle Malot Director of Careers and NewGen Talent at EDHEC Business School,
  • Flora Herbet Converteo HR Director
  • Diane Mendes, Doriane Bettinger and Michael Kaplan de Parella.


Workspace is proving to be a powerful HR lever for attracting and retaining young employees.
They recognize the role of workspace in their decision to join (73%) and stay (76%) in a company and are more numerous than the average to affirm that it is a decisive criterion.

Beware, the under 35s are more tempted than the average by 100% telework (24% against 20%). If they want to attract them, keep them loyal and make them come to the office, managers will have to meet their many expectations.

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