Barometer 2022 CSA for Parella
Changes in work modes
and work spaces.

For its 6th edition, the annual Parella barometer on the evolution of work modes and spaces is changing dimension. In order to better assist you in your real estate strategies, Parella has joined forces with the renowned CSA Research institute to carry out a study with a representative panel of 300 managers and 500 employees of companies with more than 50 employees in France.

The opportunity to offer you an objective and prospective look:

    • Flex office, telecommuting, coworking, metaverse...
      what are the realities and perspectives?
    • What are the expectations and levers of attractiveness and loyalty?
    • Do managers and employees share the same vision
      of the ideal work environment?

Relive the launch round table &.

discover our complementary analyses : 

    • Analysis at the national level,
    • Analysis from an HR perspective,
    • Focus on the public sector,
    • Focus on the under 35s,
    • Focus IDF versus Regions (coming soon).
Access the replay and
to the different presentations

On the evolution of the
spaces and work modes


only leaders are having trouble getting employees
employees back to the office.
of employees like to come to the office


Read the debrief of our roundtable participants.

Relive the launch round table

Discover the results of the barometer and emerging trends, as well as the experiences and feedback of our participants

Cyril Reynard

Real Estate Director

 Rocher Group

Doriane Bettinger

Director of People & Transformation

Parella Group

Romain Lescoeur CSA-Parella Barometer

Romain Lescoeur


Bristol Myers Squibb France

Julie Gaillot

Director Society

CSA Research

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