Workspace for creativity and personal development

Interview with Alexandre Vian

He's 27, an interior designer at Parella, and like many people under 35, he's teeming with projects and ideas. He shares with us his vision of the company, his relationship with work and the environment that allows him to blossom and invest.

Alexandre Vian: Workspace for creativity

Clément Houas

Hello Alexandre, thank you for agreeing to share your vision of your work.
You've been working for 6 years now, and for the past two years you've been helping Parella customers with their architectural concepts, with several strings to your bow: AD design, space planning, trend books, 3D, graphics... What inspires you on a daily basis?

People, their stories, their outlook. I love discovering different worlds and cultures.

I make music in my spare time. I started 7 years ago as a self-taught musician. I have a studio at home that allows me to make collaborations that I share on distribution platforms(Mr Rigolo). I recently met a Finnish trumpeter.

I find it enriching to link the professional and personal worlds. I composed the music for some of Parella's films, including the videos for Rémy Cointreau and Groupe Rocher's new facilities.

I also do street photography. I did a shoot to help the Hello Ernest cooks' association, which provides meals for the homeless. And soon I'll be accompanying a Parisian ready-to-wear brand.

I also have my own architectural firm that renovates Paris apartments.

Alexandre Vian's creative workspace
Clément Houas

Impressive! How do you reconcile personal and professional life?

I'm really careful about my balance. I try to optimize my time. I only choose projects I'm passionate about.

For this reason, I prefer a company with a central location so that I can do other things, with real flexibility in terms of working hours. I need open management that allows me to organize myself transparently and intelligently. It motivates me to do my best.

Strictly speaking, I don't have an ideal work rhythm. It just has to be compatible with my personal development goals. As long as I'm learning and developing, the pace isn't an issue.

What's your ideal company?

A company where there's a good atmosphere, where I feel like I'm working with friends. If the collective is strong, if people get along well, the team will perform better. When you're with inspiring people, you become inspiring too.

A company that encourages curiosity, exchange and openness to the outside world, that enables its employees to socialize outside the company. This could take the form of afterworks, where employees can meet people from outside the company with different perspectives. Or opening up the premises to startups and associations, even on a one-off basis. This would push us out of our comfort zone.

workspace for creativity

Thibaud Poirier for Parella

Do you prefer office work or telecommuting?

I need to interact, to see people. I don't like working from home. I prefer the comfort of the office and the efficiency of the equipment. An ergonomic chair and a double screen allow me to work smoothly, to come and go without wasting time.

So to sum up, what do you need to thrive in your job?

Spaces that encourage collaboration, that open up to the outside world and a real flexibility that leaves room for my passions.