A different kind of real estate advocacy: independence and multidisciplinary skills

Over the course of their careers, Parella’s partners came to the realization that to provide better advice to their clients they needed to count on multiple skills, to incorporate the numerous parameters of real estate projects and to remain completely independent from landlords.

Since its creation, the firm has experienced steady growth, and remains true to this vision whilst continuing to develop solutions fully tailored to the needs of tenants and other end users of corporate real estate.

Parella is built on the Partnership model

Presence on 4 continents, 20 countries, 42 Exis offices throughout the globe
In 2014 Parella joined the Exis network, the leading international organization wholly devoted to occupiers

We have an understanding of the entire corporate real estate value chain, which makes us one of-a-kind

A unique ecosystem: strength through unity, power through comprehensive guidance

Déménager, renégocier votre bail, optimiser vos coûts immobiliers, valoriser votre actif ou aménager vos espaces de travail… Parella vous accompagne en s’engageant sur des résultats.

Nous vous aidons à définir, hiérarchiser, traiter vos enjeux immobiliers avec un regard objectif tourné vers l’utilisateur.

Nous appréhendons chaque projet immobilier dans son ensemble.

Nous tenons compte de votre stratégie d’entreprise, de vos enjeux humains, managériaux, financiers, techniques et environnementaux.

Notre mission : vous fournir la solution immobilière sur-mesure, totalement adaptée à vos besoins et à vos objectifs.

Multidisciplinary teams

Real estate consultant, engineer, space planner, architect, ergonomist, designer, construction manager, HR specialist, …

100% tenant client base

Strong DNA: expertise, independence, innovation and performance

We take great pride in our difference and reputation and provide our advisory services consistent with our values.

Our objective is to make your real estate projects an effective business driver and a factor for personal engagement within your organization.

Our long standing recognized expertise, our understanding of the whole real estate value chain enables us to provide support to all sizes of business, in every sector and whatever the project.
We can guarantee an objective look at proposed locations and access to all offers available on the market, the firm not brokering any lettings.
Our independence affords us superior bargaining power in the service of clients.
We explore every route and are willing to innovate to offer you the best real estate solutions.
We are looking above all to satisfy and to align our interests with those of our clients.
Our fees are established either on a flat rate basis or are indexed on the gains generated for our clients.

A team of experts, pioneers in commercial real estate and Workspace advisory services

A highly experienced team and managing partners directly involved in each project
“We commit to the highest level of excellence and transparency”

Nous nous engageons vers le plus haut niveau d’excellence et de transparence

Patrick has been involved in various building construction and fit-out projects working for a property developer, or as a member of the real estate department of Renault and at CBRE …
Olivier ran the Real Estate Advisory division of AOS Studley (now Colliers), after contributing to the development of Occupiers advisory department with DTZ then Savills …
After a career in business strategy and management consultancy, Michael contributed to the development of JLL’s Corporate Solutions department in France …