Auditing, guiding or designing your technical installations as part of your property project.

In a context of standards, punctuated by the regular publication of new regulations, companies must diagnose and bring their technical installations into compliance in order to ensure safety, comfort and an optimal living environment for their employees.

Whether it is to evaluate, orientate or design the technical installations of a building, we accompany you to ensure reliability, durability and guarantee the best technical choices.

Mindful of environmental issues, the regulatory context and your financial constraints, we provide you with our expertise to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your facilities, estimate the cost of the work and plan your actions.

- Analysis of the technical context

- Technical support and advice

- Research into technical solutions and optimisation

- Monitoring, control and assistance


A team at the service of PARELLA projects

Our teams of engineers, consultants and architects analyse the strengths and weaknesses of buildings and their technical equipment throughout the life of the building.

Technical works on projects to optimise the energy performance of buildings, in compliance with thermal and environmental regulations.

Through our advisory and support role, we also offer technical solutions and innovative and economical construction methods.

We are able to assist you in the realisation of your works until the exploitation of the premises.

Audit missions of your installations

These studies can help you to think about an occupied building or one that might be of interest to you. They can also provide important negotiating levers in the context of a lease renegotiation, a lease takeover, a negotiation for the return of premises or an acquisition.

Such studies are also used to draw up budgets and multi-year work plans for a site or a large number of buildings in the short, medium and long term

Technical assistance to the project owner

Our teams assist the client in expressing the need, carrying out the preliminary study and the opportunity analysis. We act as advisors and mediators between the project owner and the project manager.

We assist you in the context of technical assistance to the contracting authority (ATMO) on technical, budgetary and organisational issues at various stages of the construction process.

Project management / Design

We carry out technical installation design studies as part of tenant development work or heavy or light restructuring in real estate.

Our scope of action consists of the realization of tender documents through all the phases of design APS, APD, PRO, DCE, ACT, VISAS, DET and Reception.

Project management / Execution

Our teams are involved in site monitoring, assistance with delivery operations (OPL) and upstream of projects right up to the operation of buildings, in commissioning missions to guarantee the optimal performance of buildings.