Analyze your technical facilities to assess strengths, weaknesses and to plan your actions.
Audit buildings to appraise value.

Our teams of engineers, consultants and architects can analyze strengths and weaknesses of buildings and of their technical facilities throughout the whole of the building’s lifetime.

These surveys may give you food for thought on an occupied building or one which is liable to be of interest to you.
They may also provide you with significant leverage for negotiation within the framework of lease renegotiation, or of a leasing process, of surrender of premises or of an acquisition.
Such surveys can also be used to establish multiannual work plans and budgets at the scale of a site or of a scattered building portfolio.


  • Audit of all types of technical facilities: air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, networks, fire safety systems
  • Audit of production systems: boiler room, refrigeration, steam production, air treatment …
  • Audit of roofing and siding: façades, roofing, woodwork …
  • Audit of second fixings and specific equipment: partitioning, suspended ceilings, openings, elevators, electric generators …
  • Audit of accessibility: Persons with Disabilities (PMR), Establishments Receiving the Public (ERP)…
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