Tertiary real estate development plan

Allianz retained Parella to provide guidance for the establishment of its tertiary real estate development plan across several European countries, including France.
& International
265 000
12 500
people concerned

Context and objectives

Structuring Allianz’s real estate teams: Creation of a real estate department at the global shared services center of the group based in Munich

Intention to carry out a strategic diagnosis in several European countries, including France to propose a proactive strategy to each executive management of country / entity

Intention to optimize an aging asset portfolio

Extremely short delivery deadline

Our assignment

  • Pan-European tertiary real estate development plan
  • Key stages
    • Consolidation of data
    • Determination of KPI, internal processes
    • Construction of development plans (proposal of group standards and rules)
    • Construction of communication materials and tools to build a team spirit between the various entities of a same country around a collective real estate project
    • Piloting assignments across several countries

Key success factors

Independent real estate advisor

Holistic approach through a multidisciplinary team

Methodology and strong analytical capacity

Good listening skills and inclusion of cultural specificities both national and specific to Allianz

Expert dialogue with Allianz Real Estate entities

Experience in conducting similar projects

Guidance to the Executive Committee of Allianz Management Operations Services

Joint coordination of the project: organizing workshops to win over support for the project

Proposal of tools and formats and assistance with the establishment of standards


Elaboration of key decision analysis and auditing processes

Set up of processes and methodologies applied to other countries

Implementation of real estate development plan per country

Detection and handling of time critical issues to be dealt with promptly and generating swift savings

Global view of the real estate portfolio enabling short and medium term treatment

Methodology suited to portfolio size which enabled a macro-economic vision to be obtained facilitating a targeted and swift implementation

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